• Celebrating Veteran's Day

    Students in Mrs. Butler's 4th grade Social Studies class learned about Veterans Day. We learned about the differences between Veteran's Day and Memorial Day. We read about the 5 different branches of the military and how each branch supports, protects, and serves our country. We also learned about when and why Veteran's Day started being celebrated in the United States. As a final activity, we wrote letters to Veterans thanking them for serving our country. Click to see pictures.

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  • Student Council and Classroom Representatives

    Voting for Student Council and Classroom Representative took place on Tuesday, November 13th. Eight 5th grade students were nominated for four Student Council positions. Each candidate wrote and video taped a campaign speech with was shown over the course of several days on our school's morning announcement show. Each 4th and 5th grade student voted for one candidate for each position. Besides the Student Council Manoa also has two Classroom Representatives for each of our 4th and 5th grade classes. Classroom Representatives meet with the Student Council to communicate any ideas or concerns. The Student Council then meets with Dr. Ramoundos to discuss the issues. Click to see pictures.

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  • 4th Grade visits SHARE

    On Tuesday, November 13 and Wednesday, November 14, Manoa’s 4th grade students went on a field trip to SHARE food program. SHARE is a non-profit organization that distributes thousands of pounds of food to the community. Before taking the trip, classes discussed the importance of teamwork and the importance of helping our community by doing community service. The 4th graders helped package meals for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. They were in charge of packaging fruits and vegetables including oranges, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, apples, kiwi, carrots and onions. They checked each box to make sure they were complete, closed them up and stacked them on a palate, ready to distribute to the community. The fourth graders had to work together when they packed and moved boxes.Fourth graders also helped weigh onions and bag them to eventually pack into boxes. It felt great to help the greater Philadelphia community during the Thanksgiving season! Click to see pictures.

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  • Leaf Man

    Kindergarten read the book "Leaf Man" by Louis Ehlert. They saw Leaf Man travel by gusts of wind to different places and take shape as different animals he saw. Kindergarten made their own Leaf Man and wrote about where he would travel to. Click to see pictures.

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  • Manoa Chorus News

    Manoa Chorus is for 4th and 5th grade students and starts Thursday, November 8th, 8:00-8:35 AM. Chorus will take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Certain homerooms will come Tuesdays and others on Thursdays, click to see which days to attend and to sign up via the link to Google Forms.

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  • Happy Halloween

    Celebrating Halloween with a parade and classroom parties, click to see pictures.

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Inside Manoa

  • Manoa Elementary School is one of five elementary schools in the SDHT. We offer instruction to students in grades kindergarten through fifth. The total school population is 711. We recognize that each child is a unique individual. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the whole child while encouraging all children to reach their fullest potential. Click here for more information on Manoa Elementary School.
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Manoa Info

  • Principal Dr. George Ramoundos - gramoundos@haverfordsd.net

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  • Medication Policy

    A reminder of our medication policy -­‐ All medication, including over the counter, must be accompanied by a written order from the attending physician. All medication must be brought to school in the original container with the appropriate label intact. If the medication is not properly labeled, and there is no physician's authorization, the medication will not be administered. Click to see the entire policy.

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  • Volunteer Clearance Information

    School District Volunteer information has been posted to the district website under the Parent drop-down menu. Please preview this information as our district policy has been modified in accordance with state legislation.

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