• Email Notification

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    Students and Primary Parents/Guardians may elect to have updates sent at regular intervals by PowerSchool. You must complete the relevant sections in order to receive email updates. There are three types of updates – you may choose any or all. 

    email notifications

    Summary of current grades and attendance - Sends out one email giving a summary of the grades in progress and stop.

    Detailed report of attendance - Sends out an email containing detailed attendance for each class for the current term.

    School Announcement - Sends out an email containing the highlighted items/activities on the daily bulletin.

    How often

    Detailed reports showing all assignment scores for each class - Sends out one email for each class with every assignment for the quarter with scores. Note: If your student has 6 classes you will receive 6 emails, one for each class. If you have multiple students enrolled you may receive quite a few e-mails if you choose this option.

    email addresses

    When entering email address (or multiple addresses) be sure not to enter any spaces in the input line.  If you do not receive the email reports please verify that you have properly entered your e-mail address.

    If you would like for your student to also receive a copy of the automated reports you can add their e-mail address to the list of addresses.

    Teacher Comments

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    This page will allow you to view any comments entered by the student’s teachers. This information is the same information that would appear on a student's progress report.

    The teachers' names are listed in blue. You may click on them to e-mail the teacher directly if you have any questions.

    School Bulletin

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    This page will show you the School Bulletin information from the administrative staff. School bulletins might include: Extracurricular Activity Schedules, School Information, and other notes of interest.