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    "Education should be less about schooling and more about learning."
    - Jason Finn: teacher, U.S. Fulbright recipient,
    creator of 'a plop and a plunk...' - a writer's asylum, & manager of aboveandBeyond Records

    Welcome to Middle School and Who Knows What Else
    Now playing "Everything" by Knock Twice: 2018's band of the year & the Angela Sheik award winner, among other awards.
    Check out all the bands by clicking here to get to Reverbnation.com or play one of the songs on the jukebox below. Choose different songs by scrolling down and clicking on a song. You can even download and share the songs! Click on the upper right icons.

    Check out the AMAZING videos from all the bands

    The band Dumping Yesterday won first prize
    for multimedia presentation at the DCIU Computer Fair!
    Groove to the award-winning band's music video below and dig the rest of their songs by clicking here. All music and lyrics student-created and inspired by I am the Cheese by Robert Cormier.



    have nothing to say and I am saying it
    and that is poetry."
    - John Cage

    the "asylum": Where Students Create

    Click 'a plop and a plunk...' for a cool summer opportunity
    (a writer's asylum in the city)

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