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Flexible Learning week of May 11-15

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It's 7th grade time with Mr. Langin! Students and parents - get ready for a wild ride!
This website contains information on nightly and long-term assignments, cool web resources
to help with writing, grammar, and research, and websites we'll be using in projects throughout the year.
So, who is Mr. Langin?
I began teaching at Haverford Middle School in 2004 after a wide variety of other careers that included sales, marketing, non-profit work, and writing. (There are others!) I am thrilled that I made the change to education, because I love coming to work every day. I am a graduate of Villanova University (GO CATS!), and I have my Master's degree (+30) in Education.

I am married and have two beautiful daughters. Family is very important to me, and I look on my classroom as an extension to my own family. (Ask my old students!) Language arts is not a class; it's everywhere. If you aren't having fun in this class, then you are doing it wrong! 

I am a former magazine columnist and have written a number of books for middle school readers.
(Four are available for purchase - Click here to learn more.) I love anything that has to do with
telling stories. For that reason, I incorporate a LOT of art, music (I've been DJing since I was 14!), and film into my classroom (along with books, of course).
At Haverford, I am in charge of Student Council (a leadership group dedicated to service to our
school and our community), Actor's Workshop (a theater improv group), and Quiz Bowl (an academic game challenge). Ask me about any! These groups are very near to my heart. Outside of school I am a director of Five Father's Children's Charity and a performer in the troupe Fearless Improv and the kids comedy improv group DJ Mixup.
I think it is important to laugh out loud every day and at oneself whenever possible. Whether you are a student of mine (past or present) or a parent of a student, we are on a unique journey together. Let's work together to make this academic experience a memorable one.


 Mr. Langin

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