Flexible Learning Google Classroom Information

Good (Morning or Afternoon) Fords!


**Please read this ENTIRE email before doing anything with this information**


Starting Monday (3/30), we will begin our new Flexible Learning Plan. Students will receive 5 activities per week (3/30-4/3) on Google Classroom. For these five (5) activities, two (2) of them must be submitted ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Students can submit in any form that is easiest for them. Here are some suggested options for ways to complete and submit work:

  1. Print off the work. Complete by hand. Submit to the proper Google Classroom Assignment.

  2. Do the work on a piece of loose-leaf. Submit to the proper Google Classroom Assignment.

  3. Complete the work digitally. Submit to the proper Google Classroom Assignment.


If you find a more effective way to submit to Google Classroom that wasn’t mentioned above, that works! As long as you submit the proper assignment, with all of the work shown, you are in great shape!


**Once you have uploaded your work, please select the TURN IN option so that we can see that you’ve successfully completed the assignment. If you don’t select TURN IN, we won’t be able to see all of your great work!**


Only assignments that offer a TURN IN option need to be submitted. The other three (3) assignments are learning material that require you to complete an activity that is NOT turned in. These activities will help you understand the material and successfully navigate the assignments that need to be turned in.


All submitted assignments MUST be submitted by Friday at 12:00 PM.


The five activities will go live on Monday morning at 8:00 am for students to view in Google Classroom. If you have not already done so, please make sure that you are logged in to Google Classroom in the proper class! For pacing, students are recommended to complete one activity each day. Obviously, you know your schedule better than I do so feel free to work at any pace you are comfortable with to complete the five activities throughout the week. 


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me!


Go Fords!


Mr. Aristeo

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