CK12 Assignments for the Week of 3/30/20

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Once you join the CK12 classroom, you should get 4 emails. These are your 4 assignments for this week, due on Friday, April 3 at 12 pm. Once you arrive at my CK12 page, you should click on assignments. Under the heading "Incomplete Assignments" it will have 4 assignments listed:

1. Adding Decimal Words Problems (NO CALC)
2. Adding and Subtracting Decimals (NO CALC)
3. Inequalities with Addition and Subtraction (CALC)
4. Inequalities on a Number Line (CALC)

I suggest doing one lesson per day. When you go to complete a lesson, you will click on the lesson title and then you will click the yellow pentagon that says "START." This should take you to a page that says "Start Practicing." If you are confident in that topic area, you can start your practice problems right away! If you need a refresher or more support there are various resources for you to use under the title "Prepare before you practice." Once you start the practice problems, you need to get 10 correct before completing the lesson. I will then get a notification and give you credit!

I expect that this will be more challenging for students than last week's assignments! Please email me with any questions or concerns!

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