Flexible Learning April 6 to April 10

We are going to continue to use the CK12 platform to roll out math work, but there is one important announcement. Your work will be graded and entered into PowerSchool for the 4th quarter; this is no longer extra credit.   

There are 3 assignments to be completed this week, depending on which class you are in. Lessons show up out of order in CK12. Look under "April 2020" - complete them in the order sent you in my email of April 5th.  You should try to complete the assignments by Wednesday, but you will have until Friday, 4/10 in case you need some extra time.   The assignments have been loaded into your CK12 account and will become active on Monday morning.

To access your assignments, sign in,  go under Classes, choose your Period, then click on "Assignments."  Pace yourself accordingly.   If you have been assigned a Worksheet, the worksheet is to be completed while watching the video. The worksheet is available on my website here. If you cannot print the worksheet, copy down the terms and fill in info into a notebook or on a separate piece of paper.

Take your time when completing your work..  

IMPORTANT: Your grade in PowerSchool will be based upon your skill level after you complete 10 problems correctly (giving you the 100% completion rate.) The possible skill levels are Mastery, Proficient, Developing, Exploring, Beginning.  See the attached rubric for a thorough explanation of the grading.

If you are still having difficulty finding or turning in your assignments, please watch the short video below:

How to Find, Complete, and Turn In Assignments on CK12


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