Flexible Learning April 20 to April 24


Math Work = Google Classroom!

From this point forward you will be receiving and completing all Math assignments through Google Classroom. Some assignments will still be from CK12, but linked through Google Classroom - there is no need to log into CK12 anymore - do everything in Google Classroom.

Each student has received an email from me inviting her/him to join Google Classroom. In case you the student have not yet joined, look for your class code, by Period, in the homework chart below, go into your Google Classroom, and join my class. Remember -  you must join Google Classroom from your school email account. 

NEW! Google Meet Office Hours: Monday through  Thursday (9:30am & 1:00pm)   

Teacher Code: 7mathriley

Math should be about a 30 minute allotment of time each school day, though some assignments may take more or less time! If you are having trouble please reach out to me for help.

Feel free to complete this week’s assignments at your own pace- if you are enjoying yourself, you can do multiple assignments in one day… HOWEVER, please complete the assignments in the indicated order. 

Below is a recommended pacing guide that you may use:


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