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Haverford Middle School

Mrs. Gerber

2019-20 Course Expectations

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Welcome! I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting school year with each of you.  It is my hope to explore various topics of study with you that will enhance your understanding of the world around you.  I want to ensure that each of you has an opportunity to use your personal talents and abilities through classroom projects and assignments.  Eighth grade can be a tremendous year of growth and change in your life, and I will do all that I can to help you during this challenging year.   Good luck and enjoy your final year as a middle school student!


Topics to be studied:

·       Literature and Literary elements

·       Figurative Language (similes, hyperboles, metaphors, etc…)

·       Writing (various styles)

·       Vocabulary and Grammar

·       Poetry  

·       Presentations 


Grading Policy

        Grades are earned on a point basis and each assignment will have a point value.  Daily grades, such as homework and class assignments, will have lower point values than major grades such as projects, formal papers, and exams.  That is not to say that homework is not important!  The points for every assignment will be given to you with each assignment. For Haverford’s grading policy, please see your student handbook.



        The number of days you were absent is the amount of time you will have to make up an assignment or a test.  It is your responsibility to get the missed assignments.


 Materials needed in class EVERY DAY:

·       Pens, pencils, highlighters

·       One three-ring binder (1 ½ or 2 inch).  You must have 5 dividers labeled as follows:

o       Class notes/Handouts

o       Quick writes/ Grammar

o       Vocabulary

o       Novel worksheets

o       Tests/quizzes/Essays

·       Lined paper in each section of your notebook

·       Box of Tissues


Best times to see me for help:

Mornings from 7:15-7:40 am.  Please make sure to schedule an appointment with me prior to any meeting date.


Class Rules:

·       Be Responsible

·       Be Respectful

·       Be Prepared

These rules should guide you in all that you do in my classroom and throughout your school day.


Once again, I welcome you, and I look forward to an exciting year with you all!!!

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