Instructions to sign up for text messages

This year I will be using a mobile app that allows parents and/or students to subscribe to my class in order to receive text messages from me.  I will send out nightly homework as well as quiz and test updates.  In order to subscribe, you will send one of the text messages below, depending on which period you have math, to 718-514-7236.  After sending this message you will begin to automatically receive class announcements from me. 

1st Period: Text @mrkmathp1                     3rd Period: Text @mrkmathp3      

2nd Period: Text @mrkmathp2          

4th Period: Text @mrkmathp4                        6th Period: Text @mrkmathp6           

Normal text rates apply.  You will not see my personal mobile number when you receive the messages.  Any questions about this service please email me at 

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