Flexible Learning Opportunities Week One

  • Flexible Learning
For this week, we will be reviewing our Geometry Unit on Area of Composite Figures:

1. Please review the attached Khan Academy video on "Area of Composite figures". (scroll down to the 3rd video).  Also, complete the 4 practice questions on "Area of Composite Shapes".  For challenge, you are welcome to complete the next 4 questions under the "Area Challenge"


2.  Please complete the attached reteach pages for 10.4-Area of Composite Shapes. Problem #'s1-4.  For Challenge you can also complete Problem #'s5-8.


If needed, you can access the online textbook through this link:

In order to sign into the online textbook, students should sign into their google email first.  Once they are signed in, they can go to the following link:

*****If you are having trouble accessing book pages, download a plug in on the right side of the screen, such as Flash, before selecting a chapter.  This is important.  You will not be able to access the online Math In Focus textbook without downloading a plug in with every use.*****"

For at-home technology assistance please either call or email:
Email: ITHelpdesk@haverfordsd.net
Call:  610-853-5951 and leave a message

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