Homework 5/7

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Periods 1/2:

I was going to have you organize the parts of your essay into a Google Doc, but I'll be nice and save you some work. In the Flip Phone G. Class assignment, find the handout that you began last week. You'll continue to use this handout as your organizer. If you'd rather create a G. Doc, go for it. You should have steps 1, 2, 4, and 5 done. If not, you need to! You will then complete step 3: counterclaim (acknowledge the other side) and rebuttal, just like we did in class today for Finders Keepers. You'll begin with something like, "Some might say that you should trade in your phone for a flip phone. They might argue that... Finish this with one reason from the other side's argument and then explain why that reason is wrong/weak/silly/untrue, etc. If you say that you should trade in your phone for a flip phone, you'll do the opposite. Then, complete step 6: summarizing the issue: Look in the handout. The SCOPE people already started it for you. Just finish what they have there and add 2-3 more sentences. That's it!

Remember, your WW Lesson 10 quiz is on Friday.

Periods 4/5:

1. Remember, your WW Lesson 9 quiz is on Friday.

Periods 6/7:


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