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Science in the News

Scientific discoveries are happening all around us and are altering the ways
in which we view our world. In order to stay better informed about these
discoveries, one of your assignments will be a “Science in the News” activity.
This year, you will be assigned to find a science article (either in a
newspaper, magazine, or online) and share the information with the class. You will complete one science in the news article per quarter. Any field of science is OK- whatever interests you! If your family does not subscribe to a newspaper or magazines, or if you do not have Internet access, the school library is an excellent place to look for news. Any length article is fine, but please try to keep it as current as possible. Points will be deducted for articles that are more than 6 months old.

How to do the project:

1. Find and read a SCIENCE article. You must provide proof of your article. You may print or link your article in your presentation.

2. Create a presentation on google slides, prezi, glogster, etc. You will present this information to the class on your selected date. The information from the information organizer MUST be included in your presentation, but your sheet itself will not be graded. Do not repeat information (ex. your main idea cannot be the same as what you find surprising).

3. Presentation must be placed in the Google Classroom before your
presentation time! Bring your rubric to class the day you present.

Optional: Add pictures (related to article), videos (2-3 mins), things to make it more interesting!

Extra Credit: If you would like to earn extra credit, you can pick an article related to the current unit we are studying.


Excellent Science News Websites:

(Websites written for kids your age)

(Websites written for adults)

For an extra copy of the assignment directions, rubric and information organizer, please click here: ScienceintheNewsAssignmentExplanation

Sample Presentation: ScienceintheNewsSample

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