About Mrs. Gannon

  • About Mrs. Gannon

I am thrilled to be teaching math at HMS!  I have been involved in math education for over 20 years and it is my passion.  I graduated from Loyola University in Baltimore with a degree in mathematics.  After a short run as a statistician for the US Census Bureau in Washington DC, I enrolled in a Master of Ed/ certification program at Arcadia University. 

Immediately after I earned my M.Ed., I began teaching 7thgrade math at Strath Haven Middle School.  I taught several years, was a team leader, and coached lacrosse until December of 2000 when I decided to take an extended maternity leave of absence.  While staying home to raise my children, I worked part time as a facilitator for various professional development initiatives (Interactive Math Project, Developing Math Ideas, VideoCases for Math Professional Development, Lenses on Learning, Proficiency based Assessment and Reassessment of Learning Outcomes) that were mostly funded through the National Science Foundation. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to grow professionally and reflect upon my practice as a teacher while I worked part time.  From 2009-2012 I worked as a math specialist in Interboro School District, which was also an invaluable experience.

I am a firm believer in public education and take my role as a teacher very seriously.  I understand the impression that teachers can have on 7th grade students and am constantly reminded that children are unique individuals who are growing into themselves.  I respect their position in life as they are poised for adulthood and hope they will gain confidence,mathematical understanding, and a love of learning in my class.

I am a resident of Haverford Township and can be found most weekends at Giant (ha,ha) or watching a sporting event for one of my kids. I am proud to send my children to our township schools and just as proud to be working to help your children reach their full potential.



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