Week of April 27, 2020

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This week we are reviewing -are verbs, avere and essere. We will also begin looking at the Vocabulary for the next unit in Sentieri, Chapter 2B called "Che tempo fa oggi?" We will be learning how to talk about the weather in this chapter. 

Suggested pacing for the week

All assignments are in the Google Classroom, and all assignments for this week are "due" by Sunday, May 3, 2020. You should spend about 30 minutes each day on your Italian. If you need help or find you are needing to spend too much time completing the assignments please reach out to me. 

Monday - In the classwork section of the Google Classroom you will find a lot of review materials for you to look over to make sure you feel confident conjugating essere, avere and regular -are verb. If you are still having trouble even after reveiwing and taking notes please contact me. 

Tuesday - Tuesday is an inservice day there is no school planned for Tuesday. 

Wednesday - Continue your review from Monday, and complete the Google Forms translating several sentences which use essere, avere, and regular -are verbs. (like always please strive for 70% or better, or plan on relearning and redoing the form.  

Thursday - The new vocabulary for Sentieri 2B is posted in the Quizlet. Join your class's quizlet class for easy access to all of my Quizlet sets. This one is linked in the classroom. 

Friday- This is your catch up day. Do whatever you need to in order to complete your assignments for the week, or review the concepts with which you are still not completely comfortable.

Office Hours

My office hours this week are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8 am and at 11:30 am. 

Make sure you are signed in to your school account in Google, then go to Google Hangouts and type in my classroom name: 8italiandimattia

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