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Ciao ragazzi, 


As you know we teachers are currently at school making plans for what if we have to close for a while. We are here working hard, and I'm hoping that the work we're doing today will make for better learning experiences for you guys for the rest of the year. 


I have decided to try out Google Classroom. I know you guys are probably more proficient at it than I am but below you will find directions and the codes to enter my new classes. 


There is an assignment that will be graded and has a due date of Friday, March 20. Let me know via email if you have any problems. 


Google Classroom - classroom link using Google Drive

1. Make sure that you are logged into Google Drive

2. Go to https://classroom.google.com

3. Join your class period (click +) in the upper right of the screen. Then copy and paste the code for your class.

4. You can also join the class period by clicking on the link located in the email invite sent to you.


     1st Period Italian =   ur6nt4g                              

     3rd Period Italian =   xijwgoe

     4th Period Italian =   ashraii                    

     5th Period Italian =   wvwml5i

     7th Period Italian =   eyr6lbc

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