Writing Prompts

Practice your writing skills by completing some of the writing prompts below.  You can also keep a daily journal.  

Writing Prompt Ideas:

*Think about the favorite thing that you own. Write a descriptive essay to describe this item using words that explain how it sounds, looks, smells, tastes, or feels. Describe it so someone else can picture it in their mind.

*Think about someone you look up to. Write about this person and why you admire this person.

*Imagine you worked at a pet shop. What would happen and what would you do if 200 mice got out of their cages in the pet shop?

*If you could travel into the future, what would you do?

*Write an essay on what friendship means to you and why people become friends.

*Do you think that social media is a positive thing? Write an essay discussing why or why not.

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