Academic Support

It is the place where your child will work on reviewing, retaining, and learning old and new concepts.  They will also be working on organizing their time, planning out how to finish all their assignments and figuring out ways to have good time management skills.   The goal is for your child to become independent learners.  Here are a few things that we will work on:


PROJECTS/LONG TERM ASSIGNMENTS:  Don't get frustrated!  I will know if they have projects or long term assignments.  We will chuck the assignments into small manageable pieces with deadlines.  By doing this, I  will  show them how we can manage our time, be organized, and  complete a task on time. 


ASSIGNMENT BOOKS: This is one of the most important tools for our middle school students.  Some of our students realize this while others need a little bit of prompting to show how important this book is to their success.  With that said, each student uses or doesn't use their assignment books differently.  We'll work on methods that each student is comfortable with, and that work for them.   In 6th grade we will learn how to use our assignment book to help us organize ourselves for tests, projects and homework.  


LANGUAGE ARTS AND MATH:  In academic support we will work on math and language art skills that reinforce previously learned concepts as well as newly learned concepts taught in those classes.  The repetition and review of new and old concepts help the students master these skills.


SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will work on keeping our social studies notebook organized, up-to-date and complete.  We will review previously learned skills and concepts, work on different ways we can study for quizzes and tests, and review prior to tests/quizzes. 


SCIENCE:  Like in social studies we will review previously learned skills and concepts.  They will work on their lab books in science class; however, if they are behind we will work on completing those lessons during AS.  Like social studies we will review and study for quizzes and tests.


GRADES:  Once a week students will check their grades, record them and check to see if they are missing any assignments.  Why?  So they can see how they are doing, what they need to improve on and the reason why their grades are good or not so good.  If they are happy with their grades GREAT! If not, they will have the chance to contact their teachers to see what they can do to improve or maintain their grades.    It also shows them that studying, doing their homework, completing projects/assignments will help them do well in school.  




Every parents worse nightmare, but here's what we are going to do.......


ORGANIZATION:  Organization and study skills go hand and hand.  In order for us to be able to study for quizzes and tests we have to be organized and have all the materials in our binders or notebooks.  We will learn different organization strategies because not every strategy works for every student.  During the course of the school year we will hopefully find the right strategy for each individual student.  However, don't get discourage if this doesn't happen by the end of 6th grade.  This is a process, every student needs to feel like they can do this without teacher or parent support.  It might click in 6th grade, it might not click until 10th.  No fear we will continually move forward in the organization direction.


STUDY SKILLS:  We will work on different ways that we can prepare for tests (i.e., flash cards, outlines, study guides,  etc.).  Like organization everyone studies differently.  Some might process the information better if they rewrite it on flash cards.  Some might need a general overview like an outline.  Not one  method is better -- it just needs to work for that student.  We will work on different ways that we can study.  Everyone will pick what works for them. 

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