Flexible Learning: First week

Hola! At this point, everyone should be entered into the Google Classroom for your period. I have been posting regularly, so be sure to check in whenever your schedule allows. The assignments (ungraded-just for practice) that have been posted at this point, in order of how they should be completed, are as follows:

1. Sofía (by Alvaro Soler) listening practice with CLOZE activity (links to YouTube and CLOZE quiz are posted within the assignments). *Be sure to click "done" so that it changes to "turned in" when you complete it. Also, send a screenshot of your score if possible.

2. Kahoot: Exploratory Spanish Review (a comprehensive review of everything that we have been practicing throughout the past 6+ weeks): Complete this Kahoot. If you do NOT receive 100%, try a second time. I will collect and look over the reports of scores throughout.

3. El Mismo Sol (By Alvaro Soler and Jennifer Lopez) activity: Brief explanation of song's message, paired with another listening & cloze activity. Again, mark complete to turn it, and send me your score, if possible.

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