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As you can see, I love learning languages! I started in 7th grade, just like you, in an Exploratory Language where I took Spanish, French and German.  Because of my love of France, the choice was obvious!  When I was in 11th grade, I spent one year as an exchange student to France - and not only did I become fluent in French - but I learned much about French schools, history and culture. 
When looking for colleges, I found Washington College, in Chestertown , MD which has a great French program!  I lived in the International Dorm, where language assistants from different countries lived, as well as language students from diverse backgrounds.  I also minored in International Studies and was an Intern at the International Trade Administration which is a branch of the Department of Commerce in Washington D.C.  While taking Spanish at Washington College, I was inspired by my Professor to become a language teacher and later earned my certifications at Widener University. 
After I graduated from Washington College, I went to work at Bryn Mawr College, as a bilingual secretary. There, I received a scholarship, and earned my master's in French literature. I have also been fortunate to travel and study Spanish in Peru and French in Avignon, France and Québec, Canada. I have been teaching French, Spanish and Italian at HMS for 18 years and am happy to have the opportunity to share my love of languages, travel, and different cultures. 
I have been known to sing solos in the choir, won 1st prize for a quilt I made, and skied in the Alps.  In my free time, I love to spend time in the mountains with my husband and Hanna, my cat.  I love nature walks, watercolor, and travel.  
I hope to help you to learn how to speak French and Italian, and offer you a taste of each. This will help you to choose your language for next year.  Be ready for some new music, fun games and activities, and apps to get you motivated! Hope that you enjoy languages and that you have a great 7th grade year!  
Mrs. Alls 
Washington College, B.A., French, International Studies
Bryn Mawr College, M.A., French Literature
Certifications - French, Spanish, English, ESL 
Foreign Exchange Student to France
Fulbright Scholarship to Peru
French Teacher Immersion Program, Québec

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