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  • Favorite Poem Project

    This was a very creative project that took place in the late 1990s. The idea was to poll average Americans from all walks of life to ask about their favorite poems. A great example to see how poetry can have a strong effect on just about anyone.

  • The Raven - Present at the Creation

    The story of how "The Raven" came to be is perhaps as interesting as the poem itself. Take a listen to National Public Radio's report on Poe and how the story came to fruition.

  • The Real Midnight Ride

    If any poem can demonstrate the power that literature can have in people's minds, it's this poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Poor Mr. Dawes...we hardly knew ye.

  • The Interactive Raven

    Here it is - Edgar's classic piece of horror complete with vocabulary links. Quoth the raven...read it some more!

  • The Academy of American Poets

    Despite the website's title, there are more than just American poets listed here. You can search by author name, poem title, keywords, and more. A great resource to access a ton of poems. Read on!

  • Song Meanings

    This is a great website to get you started looking at song lyrics. What do other people think it means? It doesn't mean they're right, but it's a great starting spot to get you thinking!

  • Favorite Poems Project - YouTube

    While the FPP website has all the information, the videos are ridiculously slow. Use the YouTube link to watch the videos.

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