• Literature Links
  • Myth Man's Award-Winning Homework Help Center

    This website is really massive. A great source for visuals. Plus, it covers just about every major mythological tale from the gods to the heroes.


  • MythWeb

    Good source of information. Includes some stories about the major heroes and a simplistic encyclopedia reference.


  • American Myths and Legends

    The Greeks and Romans weren't the only people to have myths and legends. The United States has some pretty well-known legends too.


  • The Nine Planets Solar System Tour

    The names of mythology even reach as far as outer space. (In fact the name of the Milky Way itself comes from a story of Hera!) Find out the names of all the planets and their moons. Then, see if you can figure out why they are named what they are!


  • Encyclopedia Mythica

    Very high-level source of information. Follow the links on the left-hand side to find the information you are looking for. Easily links from one page to the next.


  • Theoi Greek Mythology

    Not only is this a great resource for information ("theo" means relating to the gods), it is an excellent resource for imagery found in ancient art. Cool stuff.

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