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Beaded BurritoTriangle - Welcome to Seminar! 

the Menagerie of Human Possibilities (subtitled: the Absurd and Sublime)
Three-year title of Seminar through Middle School

We are shaping modern people;
respectful of yesterday, living for today, eager for tomorrow

This is where you find your groove and other assorted things.

So, this is it, Seminar. Whoa - watch out, brothers and sisters.
Strange and intriguing things are bound to happen this year.

 (Something educational is most likely happening here)
"Our Band Could Be Your Life" - check out the bands of 2021
Check out their grooves and jams below!

8th grade is entitled The Sound and the Fury

Click HERE for Our final M.S. projects

 Check this crux out!
Our artistic statements inspired by our
21st-century humanitarian research and presentations. Cool stuff.
We have spent last year developing our sense of history and our own capacity to speak. So Speak!
This year is about extending your Voice/Essence to include others and 
foster active participation for improvement of self and place in the 21st century.
By the end of the year, you showcase your Manifesto! 

To my fellow Americans,  I officially entered the 2020 Presidential Race. Neither a Democrat nor Republican I am Sidetracked. Taking the pseudonym mr. woke, our party brings decency, transparency, and urgency to America, again.

We will be posting campaign posters each day for as long as our resources hold out. If you wish to contribute, we accept only cash and it's fully taxable and non-charitable.

#Sidetracked2020 - follow us on facebook & twitter: #sidetracked2020

In various modes: humanities and science, writing, drama, music, art, etc.
Deepen ability to use facts and interpretations to foster opinions
History education is process of selection, omission?
(ties to 8th History) 
Compare the clown vs. hero vs. gods
Art of mystery
(ties to 8th English)
Concept of human frailty (this mortal coil)
Engage in mathematical and science-based inquiries of current issues
Our artistic statements

Topics (not limited to these)
American and Native cultures history
21st century global global concerns and solutions
Political, Social and Economic systems: Capitalism vs. Democracy
Slogans vs. Specifics
Future societies
What type of society should we have? What is an American?
7th grade is entitled The Power and the Passion 
Check out our cool music videos based on existing songs
 Watch our new videos of your favorite songs
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We spent last year learning about rudimentary economic systems and learning to work together for common goals.

This year we develop our voice and confidence. By the end of the year, you showcase how you made your life into art. 

In various modes:
“Our Band Could Be Your Life” - forming a band and writing universal songs and videos of intent and message
Modern Art into Pop Art and Street Art into a powerful Slogan
Decades presentation
our bizarre, fun, weird macabre videos

Essence project
Capitalism vs. Democracy
Engage in mathematical and science-based inquiries of past issues
The Medium is the Message 
our lights off/lights on book activity
five cores of da crux
Topics (not limited to these)
Rock ‘n’ Roll and Hip-hop - counterculture
Civil Rights Movements in U.S. and abroad
20th Century history, science, culture and dissent
WWI and II and the Holocaust 
The Cold War and Space Race
Justice and the Arts and Sciences
New Dramas

6th grade is entitled aboveandBeyond
Oh 6th graders, this awaits you: we learn to trust and learn from each other doing very serious and silly things.
We analyze world cultures in terms of philosophy, history, science and economics to broaden and deepen historical basis for our current global situations. 
Our Crazy Infomercials

Our Space Race Expos
our mission to create a film to

Inform, Educate, and Entertain us

Create an infomercial to sell a product
Research radical ideas
Engage in mathematical and science-based inquiries of current issues

Topics (not limited to these)
Non-western history and cultures
Inventions and Ideas that Made a Difference
Capitalism and Consumerism 

You had so many great experiences: poetry, music, art, drama, science, laughs, tears, and many other wonderful adventures await.

We really don’t learn anything from our experience.

We only learn from reflecting on our experience.

 - Robert Sinclair 

Click 'a plop and a plunk...' for a cool summer opportunity - (a writer's asylum in the city)
The Band: Let's Rock Out!
Click on the photo to take you to the band website.

Teacher down, I repeat, Teacher down

- Check out all the bands at and the widget below.
all songs inspired by literature and life, and everything
written and composed by the students.
Then there's improv! But, don't
diss the Box o' Fun or you
will end up like that or this: