iPad Rules and Guidelines

  • Policies

Use your iPad as a responsible student.

  • Read and follow Haverford Middle School Acceptable Use Policy located in the Handbook.
  • Keep all food, drinks, and markers away from the iPad.
  • When carrying an iPad, always use two hands.
  • The iPad should always be placed on a stable and flat surface.
  • Use your iPad only for teacher-approved activities.
  • Students are only allowed to visit websites approved by the teacher or directly related to the topic the teacher assigns.
  • If a student accidentally goes to a website with inappropriate content, hit the back button and let the teacher know as soon as possible.
  • Sound should be turned off unless directed otherwise by the teacher.


Unacceptable Behavior:

  • Do not use the iPad camera to take, forward, or view inappropriate pictures or movies.
  • Do not use the iPad for capturing, forwarding, or viewing images of someone without their knowledge.
  • Do not visit websites with inappropriate content.
  • Do not access or send email unless directed by your teacher.
  • Do not send iMessages.
  • Do not use any apps other then those approved by your teacher for that day’s activity.
  • Never delete history or intentionally try to cover up inappropriate use of the iPad.
  • Do not change any settings.


Please remember that using an iPad in science class is a privilege to enhance our science curriculum.  Any misuse of the iPad will result in disciplinary action and termination of the privilege to use the iPad.

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