Class Rules and Expectations

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Class Rules and Expectations

I expect you to:

  • Think (for without thinking there can be no learning)
  • Be prepared for class every day (binder, homework, pencil, etc.)
  • Review your Canvas Calendar on a daily basis and/or record homework assignments, test dates, and project due dates in your assignment book (if you have one).
  • Observe all safety rules as agreed upon in our safety contract.
  • Be responsible for getting and completing makeup work when absent.
  • Come for help as needed.
  • Maintain your binder with the material we use in class.
  • Allow me to teach, and allow yourself and others to learn.
  • Respect your classmates, school staff, and all property.
  • Follow school rules.
  • Do your own work.

You can expect me to:

  • Post daily homework assignments (on the board and on the Canvas Calendar).
  • Post the objective for the day.
  • Be available after school and at lunch for extra help.
  • Contact your parents should you show substandard academic progress.
  • Contact your parents if you are late, unprepared, disrespectful, or disruptive.
  • Enforce the school discipline code.



Grading Policy

Grades will be updated on PowerSchool on a regular basis.

Your overall grade throughout each quarter will be calculated from the following categories: 

  • Classwork, Homework (20% of Overall Grade)

  • Unit Exams, Quizzes, Labs, Long Term Projects (80% Overall Grade)

  • Quiz/ Test Corrections: 

For students to find success and master concepts in Science (SAS and NGSS guidelines) the following procedure will be in place for any student who wants to improve their grade on a quiz or a test.  The only exception would be the unit tests.  

1)   The student will print out a quiz/test correction form and attach the quiz/test to it.

2)   The student will have 7 days complete the quiz/test corrections (the 7 days will begin after quiz/test has been returned)

3)   The quiz/test RUBRIC must be followed accurately and include all parts mentioned to be able to receive full credit for each question corrected. 

4) The student will be able to earn half credit for each correction completed satisfactorily.


  *Enrichment opportunities are available throughout the year.

Appropriate Use of Materials: During lab students will be required to follow all safety instructions and classroom directions. Any misuse of materials or failure to follow instructions will result in immediate dismissal from the classroom.

Academic Dishonesty: If you are caught cheating on a test or assignment, you will receive a zero on that test or assignment.

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