Flexible Learning Wk of 5/4

Recommended pacing guide for this week. Enjoy and MISS YOU TONS!!

Office hours: 8:00AM- 8:30AM & 11:30-12:00PM / CODE: 6socialstudieskim

Remember, Social Studies should be a 30 minute allotment of time each school day!!

Mon 5/4

Tues 5/5

Wed 5/6

Thurs 5/7

Fri 5/8

1. Watch a short video and build background! Introduction to Hinduism

2. Read about Hinduism

Read with Ms. Kim! Audio

3. Complete Google Form: Guided Reading lesson #2

1. Complete Google Form- 

The Story of Hinduism   


*Videos on Google Form 

This activity will take 2 days 

1. Start watching documentary, “My Life, My Religion.” 

1. Finish watching documentary, “My Life, My Religion.” 

2. Complete  3-2-1 Google Form- 

3. Have extra time? Keep working on vocabulary! Quizlet

Catch up day! 


Due 6PM on Sunday 5/10!

1. Google Form- Guided Reading lesson #2

2. Google Form- The story of Hinduism 

3. 3-2-1 Google Form

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