Flexible Learning wk of 3/30

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As we begin our new phase of teaching and learning, I wanted to take a moment to explain what your child’s

6th-grade Social Studies learning will look like over the next two weeks.


How the Learning Plan Looks:

1. All of my assignments will be posted on Monday on Google Classroom.

2. Our goal is for the students to complete 30 minutes of Social Studies Activities daily.

3. The Suggested Pacing Guide was emailed to both the parents and the students to help students organize their time. 

4. The students should submit their work no later than Friday unless otherwise specified.

5. All work is to be submitted through Google Classroom.

6. I will be checking emails frequently between 8:00am- 2:30pm to ensure timely responses to any questions the students may have.

7. Students should reach out with any questions or concerns.


Sea Lions- I miss your smiles, silliness, laughter!


Last but not least............

Parents- Thank you for all that you do, for your understanding, and support during this difficult time.


Due dates:


1) Silly Survey- Tues 3/31 noon (Checking for student access to Google Classroom)

2) Research Form for Women's History month- Fri 4/03 noon

3) Exit slip- Fri 4/03 noon

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