Assessment Corrections

  • Assessment Corrections


For students to find success and master concepts in Science (SAS and NGSS guidelines) the following procedure will be in place for any student who wants to improve their grade on a quiz or a test.  The only exceptions would be the Unit tests, Mid-term and Final exams. 


1)   The student will print out a quiz/test correction form and attach quiz/test to it.

2)   The student will have 7 days to do and complete the quiz/test corrections (the 7 days will begin after quiz/test has been returned)

3)   The quiz/test RUBRIC must be followed accurately and includes all parts mentioned to be able to receive full credit for each question corrected.


a) The student will be able to earn .75 points for each correction completed satisfactorily.




Goal is to demonstrate mastery of concept(s)


1.     Provide an explanation of why the original answer was incorrect.

·      This will include what was wrong with the original answer

2.     Provide the correct answer

·      This will include a written and /or an illustrated explanation of why this answer is correct and an example demonstrating the correct answer.  This MUST be thorough.

3.     The teacher may conference with you and ask for an oral explanation of         your correction(s)



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