Welcome Letter: Syllabus

  • Syllabus

Mrs. Johnson
Rm 213


Common expectations include:

-Arrive to class fully prepared with the appropriate supplies for the day's lesson.

(students will not be permitted to leave the classroom and go to their locker for a forgotten supply).

-Complete all assignments fully, to your best ability, and hand them in on time.

-Actively participate in and positively contribute to classroom activities.

-Show respect at all times and respect personal space.

-Feel confident and ask questions


-Take ownership of your education:  Check power school, Check the HW website, Come for extra help!


Class Expectations: 3 R’s





Supplies Needed For Math Class:

  • Binder with 4 dividers labeled- Warm Up’s, Notes, Classwork/Homework, Tests/Quizzes
  • Loose Leaf Paper (multiple packs)
  • Pencils, Erasers
  • Highlighters
  • Expo Markers
  • Agenda Book:  Provided by HMS
  • TI 34 Multiview Calculator


*It is your responsibility to keep track of your supplies.  If you are beginning to run low on materials please replenish what is needed so you are prepared for class.*


Classroom Policies and Procedures:


80%  Assessments (Common Grade Level Chapter Tests, Quick Checks, Quizzes)

20%  Daily Work (Homework, Daily Classwork, etc)

Please check PowerSchool regularly for updates to grades.  If there are ever any questions concerning grades please feel free to contact me.   



Nightly homework will be assigned and focuses on reinforcing the content being learned in the classroom. The assignment should be labeled with your name, period #, page #, and problem #’s.  The expectation is that homework will be complete and turned in for grading the next class day. You will receive 5 points for completion.  We will go over homework at the beginning of the next class period. Showing work on all problems will be required to receive credit.  Please box or circle your final answers.


Late Work:

Should you not complete a homework assignment, a zero will be entered into PowerSchool. This means that I have recognized that you did not have your work done for that day (or in class when it was due). Partial credit (3/5) can be received if you turn in the assignment the following day.  After the extra day has passed, the grade will remain a “0” in PowerSchool. If you forget your textbook—you have access online through www.my.hrw.com.


Absent Work:

Upon return, it is your responsibility to gather missed work/notes as well as hand in any work due on the day of the absence. For every day absent you have one additional day to complete missed assignments.  Please make sure you check the “While You Were Out Bulletin” to receive any handouts from that day’s class.  In, addition all assignments are posted on my webpage.  Special circumstances and absences do occur; please discuss with me and we can decide on the best plan!


Tests and Quizzes:

Tests will take place at the end of each chapter.  The test will be announced ahead of time and written on the classroom calendar.  Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced (quick checks) and can take place at any point during the course.  Quizzes can focus on a specific section or on several sections at a time.  Don’t feel overwhelmed!  If you practice, study your notes, and ask questions you will be prepared ☺.


Extra Help

The 6th grade teachers run a Math Club for any student wanting extra help. You do not need to sign up to attend – just show up!  There will be more details to come.  Math club is held in room 206.


Teacher Contact

I am most easily contacted by email at djohnson@haverfordsd.net. Students and/or parents please feel free to contact me by email with questions about homework, student progress, sickness, or any concerns.


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