Flexible Learning Plan and Guidelines

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Good Afternoon, 

      In the event of an extended closure of Haverford Middle School, there will be learning opportunities for Mrs. Bingaman's Language Arts Classes assigned for students to access and engage in during this time off. 

     I will be posting all assignments on my google calendar for all classes that can be accessed by students and parents. These lessons/activities will be opportunities for students to review previous skills covered and a chance to revisit these skills. 

     Email communication will be the main avenue for contact for questions and concerns. Again, in case of closure I will be checking my email twice daily (once between the hours of 8 and 12 and again between the hours of 1-4). If assignments are unable to be accessed please make sure to email me so that I can make adjustments in order for all assignments to be accessible by both students and parents. 

This is purely an email including the general information in case of school closure. Please take a minute to review this information both students and parents to be best prepared moving forward. Again, any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Bingaman via email. 

Thank you,

Colleen Bingaman

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