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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Señorita Wingood


I.               Spanish I Course

A.            Purpose: to introduce you to a language that is commonly spoken in the United States and in different countries around the world

B.             Objective: to be able to carry a conversation, read, and write in Spanish

C.            Goal: to instill a passion and appreciation for the language and culture

D.            Expectation: to come to class prepared, participate, ask questions, study, do your homework


II.               Curriculum and Instruction

A.            School Supplies: students are expected to come to class prepared each day

1.             Necessary: notebook, folder, pens, pencils

2.             Suggested: planner, colored pens or highlighters

B.             Chapters: a total of 10 chapters will be covered throughout the year

C.            Topics: culture, countries and capitals, weather, body parts, school supplies, activities, adjectives, school subjects, food, locations, and family members

D.            Typical Class Day: a daily culture fact, a review of the previous lesson, a lesson on vocabulary and grammar structures, guided and independent activities, and a closure to finalize all new material from class

E.             Methods: immersion, repetition, listening, speaking, writing, reading, games, songs



III.           Grading

A.            Assessments: quizzes, tests, projects                                                      80%

1.             Quiz Format: Fill in the blank, matching, short answer

2.             Test Format: reading, writing, listening, fill in the blank, matching, short answer

B.             Other: classwork, homework, participation…etc.                                 20%

1.             Classwork Examples: handouts, QR code scavenger hunts, study guides…etc.

2.             Homework Examples:, handouts…etc.

3.             Participation Examples: rubrics will be randomly distributed to students to rank their behavior, hall pass usage, engagement, participation, and preparedness for the day.


IV.           Pesos

1.    Students who go above and beyond in class have the opportunity to earn replicas of Spanish currency. These pesos can be redeemed for prizes during HR, before, or after class. They cannot be turned in during a lesson. Lost or stolen pesos will not be replaced.

                                             a.     2 pesos= a lollipop

                                            b.     5 pesos= +2 points on any test or quiz


V.            Policies

A.            Late Work: All work is expected to be turned in on time. Any late work will receive a 5-point deduction for each school day that it is late

B.             Make Up Work: Students are fully responsible for making up any/all work that they have missed due to an absence, late arrival, early dismissal…etc. Students are encouraged to…

1.             E-mail me

2.             See me during HR

3.             Make an appointment to come up at lunch

4.             Make an appointment to stay after school

C.            Quiz/ Test Re-Do: Students are responsible for preparing for their assessments. Students are eligible for a re-test when…

1.             Their grade is a C- or below

2.             The “request to re-test” form is filled out

3.             Evidence of preparation is attached to the form

4.             The re-test is before the next chapter test

·      Please remember that you are submitting a request. Requests may be denied in certain circumstances.


VI.           Class Rules

A.            Be Respectful: Treat each other with respect, treat your teachers with respect, and treat school property with respect. Remember, if you wouldn’t want it done to you, then don’t do it to someone/ something else.

B.             Do Not Use Cell Phones: If I see it, I take it.

1.             First offense: the phone will be placed on my desk and returned at the end of the period.

2.             Second offense: the phone will be given to the office and may be picked up at the end of the day.

3.             Third offense: the phone will be given to the office and a parent must pick up the phone.

C.            Cheating: This includes, but is not limited to copying homework from a friend, looking off a friend’s quiz/ test, using a cheat sheet, using online translators, getting someone else to do your work…etc. There will be consequences if cheating is suspected.

1.             You will be given a zero

2.             Your parents will be notified

3.             You will not be eligible for a re-test


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