Flexible Learning Days (March 30- April 3)

  • Flexible Learning Days

¡Hola chicos!

I hope all of you are staying healthy! I miss seeing all of you! If you have any questions or just want to say "hola", please feel free to send me an email :) 


The following work will be posted on my Google Classroom. Below is a suggested breakdown of the activities. However, you are more than welcome to work on the assignments at your own pace. 

Monday, March 30

  • watch the video on "noun & adjective agreement"
  • complete the activities within the video on a separate piece of paper (notebook, looseleaf, scrap paper...etc)
  • complete the "adjectives workbook page" (there is a PDF file that you may print out and there is a chunked version in the video)
  • *you DO NOT have to turn in any of these assignments

Tuesday, March 31

  • watch the video on "SER"
  • listen to the songs
  • make flashcards (you don't have to turn these in)
  • complete the Kahoot challenge by Friday, April 3 @ 12:00pm
    • use your real name (first and last)
    • copy and paste the link for your class period
      • periods 1, 3, 4 =  https://kahoot.it/challenge/0758819?challenge-id=2b4f371a-cc14-4ced-adb6-ed3e4db1ceed_1585154121582
      • periods 5 & 7 = https://kahoot.it/challenge/0822712?challenge-id=2b4f371a-cc14-4ced-adb6-ed3e4db1ceed_1585154212764 

Wednesday, April 1

  • review/study your notes from the past two days
  • take the Google Forms Quiz (you may take this quiz as many times as you want/need)

Thursday, April 2

  • start the chapter 3B study guide

Friday, April 3

  • finish the chapter 3B study guide
  • study the packet with a family member OR with a friend using FaceTime

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