Flexible Learning Days (April 6- 10)

  • Flexible Learning Days

¡Hola clase! ¿Qué tal?


The following work will be posted on my Google Classroom. Below is a suggested breakdown of the activities. However, you are more than welcome to work on the assignments at your own pace. Everything will be due on Friday.



Monday, April 6

  • Look at the new vocabulary for Chapter 4A (the PDF is titled "4A Vocabulario y Gramatica")

  • Use this link to listen and repeat the pronunciation of the new vocab words  http://media.pearsonschool.com/realidades/mp3s/level1/ch04/L1_c4a_repa.mp3 

  • Make a Quizlet for all of the new Chapter 4A Vocabulary.

  • POST the link to your finished Quizlet in Google Classroom (underneath the instructions there is a "comments" button)




Tuesday, April 7

Choose three activities:

  • Study your Quizlet/ play the review games for at least 10 minutes
  • Complete workbook page 67 & then translate the sentences to English
  • Choose any 10 new vocab words and draw & label the images in Spanish
  • Choose any 10 new vocab words and write them 3x in Spanish and 1X in English
    • ex: el cine, el cine, el cine, movie theatre

*If you don't have access to a printer, just write the answers on a separate piece of paper

*You DO NOT have to turn in these activities



Wednesday, April 8

  • Complete the Kahoot Challenge

    • Choose the correct link based on your class period
    • Enter your real name (first and last)
      • PERIODS 1,3,4: https://kahoot.it/challenge/021623?challenge-id=2b4f371a-cc14-4ced-adb6-ed3e4db1ceed_1585837377994

      • PERIODS 5&7: https://kahoot.it/challenge/0649793?challenge-id=2b4f371a-cc14-4ced-adb6-ed3e4db1ceed_1585837443547




Singer, Ariel de Cuba, recently shared a song urging people to stay at home. This has become part of a movement. People are now sharing the hashtags #QuedateEnCasa (Stay home) and #MeQuedoEnCasa (I stay home) all across social media. 


Below is a Zumba choreography to his song. If you are feeling bored at home and want to get up and move around, try following along!





“Quédate en casa, es por tu bien

Es el coronavirus, no te metas en líos

Quédate en casa, pórtate bien

Es el coronavirus, no te metas en líos


Esto no es pa' juego, pa'l mundo entero

Cuida a la abuela, cuida al abuelo

Si nos unimos, venceremos

Somos humanos, demos la mano

No importa el político que sigas tú

El planeta necesita de tu actitud

Ahora es el momento de actuar

Stop coronavirus, te vamos a parar”



“Stay home, it's for your own good

It's the coronavirus, don't get in trouble

Stay home, behave well

It's the coronavirus, don't get in trouble


This is not a game, it’s for the whole world

Take care of grandma, take care of grandpa

If we unite we will win

We are human, let's shake hands

No matter what politician you follow

The planet needs your attitude

Now is the time to act

Stop coronavirus, we are going to stop you"

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