Flexible Learning Days (April 27- May 3)

  • Flexible Learning Days

Office Hours: Monday- Thursday ; 8:00- 8:30 & 11:30-12:00

Teacher Code: 8spanishwingood (https://meet.google.com)


Below is a suggested pacing guide. Each day should take about 30 minutes to complete. The assignments will be due on Sunday, May 3 @ 6:00pm.

All of the files can be found in Google Classroom.


April 27 (Monday)

-Watch the video presentation on "al/ a la" & do the activities within the slideshow

*You DO NOT have to submit the activities for today

April 28 (Tuesday)

-Today is a professional development day for the teachers. You do not have any assigned work.

April 29 (Wednesday)

-First, watch the video on "para + infinitive"

-Then, complete “workbook page 68” on a separate piece of paper (you might need to use the vocab lists that are attached to help you-chapters 1a & 4a will be the most helpful)

-After, check the answers to the workbook page via “workbook page 68 answers” 

*You DO NOT have to submit the activities for today

April 30 (Thursday)

-study the conjugations for the verb “ir”

-Review all of the notes from this week 

-Take the quiz via Google Forms

DO NOT use your notes

DO NOT use the arrow keys to navigate the quiz because they will mess up your answers

You only have ONE ATTEMPT at this quiz, so please make sure you have completed all of the activities from the week first.

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