Flexible Learning Days (April 14- 17)

  • Flexible Learning Days

The following work will be posted on my Google Classroom. Below is a suggested breakdown of the activities. However, you are more than welcome to work on the assignments at your own pace. Everything will be due on Friday.


Tuesday, April 14

  • First, open the Google Doc titled “Locations and Actions”. Write your name and period in the boxes up top.
  • Then, write down as many verbs as you can for each location that is listed in Part A. You might want to revisit your old sheets. (There are PDF files below. 1A will be the most helpful!)
  • Next, rewatch the conjugation videos below.
  • After, choose any 5 locations from Part A and write complete sentences stating what people do at those places. Don’t forget to conjugate your verbs.
  • Finally, translate the sentences from Spanish to English on the lines provided in Part C.

*When you have finished all three sections, please submit the Google Doc. (In the top right corner there is a button that says TURN IN.)


Wednesday, April 15

*You DO NOT have to submit either of these activities


Thursday, April 16

  • First, open the pdf titled "crossword puzzle"
  • Then, open the Google Doc titled "4A Crossword Puzzle Answer Sheet" and write your name and period in the appropriate boxes.
  • Complete the crossword puzzle by typing the answers in the Google Doc
    • I have already given you 2 answers :)
    • If you have any questions about the puzzle, please leave a public comment under these directions so that your classmates and I can help you
    • Feel free to use your 4A Vocab list!

*When you are finished, please submit the Google Doc. (In the top right corner there is a button that says TURN IN.)


Friday, April 17

  • Study your chapter 4A vocab for at least 10 minutes. Focus on the locations.
  • Take the 4A vocab quiz in the Google Form below 
    • DO NOT use your notes
    • DO NOT use the arrow keys to navigate the quiz. They will change your answers around. Instead, use your mouse.
    • You only have ONE ATTEMPT so please make sure you have studied before taking the quiz!! 

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