Extra Practice

  • Extra Practice


Below, you will find some websites and applications that will help you practice Spanish outside of the classroom.

  • youtube.com- Here you can search for lessons and songs to help you practice the material from class. (Señor Jordan is a great channel for watching lessons. Basho & friends have a lot catchy songs to help reinforce vocabulary.)



  • quizlet.com You can make your own digital flashcards or you can search for some that are already made. You can also take a test, play games, and practice your spelling. Just search "Realidades" followed by the current chapter (ex: Realidades level 1 chapter 1A)


  • Duolingo- This free app is a great way to practice vocabulary and grammar from class. It also allows you to move on to the next topic by taking placement tests if you want to challenge your abilities.


  • Netflix- Yes, you read that correctly! Netflix has many movies and television shows that can be translated into Spanish. So, next time you want to rewatch your favorite movie or show, try switching the language to Spanish or adding Spanish subtitles! 


  • Spotify- Listening to authentic music is an excellent way to improve your language skills since you are being exposed to different accents and learning vocabulary that might not be part of your Spanish textbook. Also, you can try searching for a podcast for beginners to help you practice your listening skills!


  • wordreference.com- Make sure you avoid online translators! If you do not have a Spanish to English dictionary available, this website is an excellent source. It is very similar to a dictionary and it offers verb conjugations as well.

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