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Welcome to Ms. Jones’s Room

Welcome to 8th grade English / Language Arts at Haverford Middle School! I look forward to getting to know you, and to a wonderful year full of exciting learning opportunities.  

I can be reached via phone, remind text, or email.

Phone:  610.853.5900     ext. 5268                       Email:


  • The students and the teacher will adhere to all policies and rules as established by Haverford Middle School and detailed in the handbook. The students and the teacher will be respectful of the classroom environment and considerate of others and their personal property.
  • The students and the teacher will come to class prepared with supplies and assignments.
  • The students will be responsible for all missing work and adhere to the late or missing work policy.

Google Classroom

Some assignments and handouts will be available through Google Classroom. However, please note that Google Classroom never overrides what’s said or done in class.  (For example, if we assigned homework during class, you have homework even if it’s not posted online.)  All typed assignments should be created and shared with me through Google Drive: as well as printed out.  

Daily Supplies


  • Pencils or pens (black or blue ink)
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Your class binder (see binder section for specific guidelines)
  • Your book and readings
  • Student planner


  • Three-hole puncher
  • Post-it Notes
  • Highlighters
  • Headphones

Course Overview

The 8th-grade curriculum serves to facilitate essential skills in not only language arts (reading, writing, speaking and listening), but in management, evaluation, critical thinking, questioning, and reflection that you will employ cross-curricularly and practically.  

You will read various written works that range from novels, to plays, to short stories and poetry.  You will be encouraged to engage in the literature by analyzing characters, themes, and authors' effectiveness and by using the literature as a resource to answer some essential questions.  Through a combination of the literature we read in class and Wordly Wise (the vocabulary program), we will also build vocabulary throughout the semester. This will help strengthen your reading, writing, and speaking skills. 

Class Projects

You will complete a number of writing and reading projects.  There will be various projects to demonstrate your knowledge on a particular unit of literature.

Your Binder

You need to keep a 1-2" binder specifically for English class.  Please use binder tabs to create separate sections of the binder.  Make sure to also keep loose-leaf paper in each section. Throughout the semester, you may remove sections to make room for new ones, but do not get rid of them. Please store them in your locker or in a safe place at home.  You will need to revisit all of your work for your final at the end of the semester. Please also note that your binder may be periodically be graded for its neatness and thoroughness.


Your binder should include the following three sections: 

1. Literature Units  - As we finish with one unit, you may replace that section with the new work, and store the old section elsewhere.

  • Skills Unit
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / The Pearl
  • The Outsiders / Outliers
  • 12 Angry Men
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Tuesdays with Morrie

2.  Writing 

3.  Warm-ups (This section will have multiple sections within it.)


Assignments and Grading

  • Students should expect daily reading and - or review homework.  Quality counts just as much as completeness.
  • Student assessments will include quizzes (announced and sometimes unannounced), cumulative tests, projects, and writing assignments.  Some assignments will be calculated into 80% of your final grade and some will be calculated into 20% of your final grade. I will let you know which assignments are which.
  • LATE WORK: All work is expected to be completed on time.  Late assignments will not merit full credit unless due to excused absence.  Each day an assignment is late it will penalized by 10%. If homework is "spot-checked," there is no opportunity to make it up unless you are absent.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to complete all work and tests missed due to absence.  Test and quiz makeups should be completed ASAP, at a time and place mutually agreed upon by the student and teacher.  You must hand your late work in two days after the absence (i.e. if you are absent on Monday, the work is due Wednesday), otherwise, it is considered late. Remember, you must have an excused absence slip or work will not be graded.  However, should you be absent the date a long-term assignment is due, the assignment is due the day you return. You are responsible for any notes that you may have missed. 
  • Written assignments are expected to be typed or neatly written, in MLA format, in size 12 font, in Times New Roman, and always double-spaced.  
  • You are expected to keep all graded work that hasn’t been collected in your binder.  It is your responsibility to keep binders updated. 
  • Copying, cheating, or plagiarizing is grounds for failing the assignment and you will be written up to the grade level principal.


Outside of Class Assistance 

If you would like to talk concerning grades, missed work, or difficulties with the classwork, you are welcome and encouraged to set up a time to meet with me.  

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