Signing up for SmartMusic

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Hello all!  I'm pleased that SmartMusic (which you've seen us use in band class) has given the HMS Bands free access to all of their content while our school is closed this year!
Here's how to sign up for SmartMusic for free:
You will need Google Chrome as your browser (SmartMusic is designed to work with Chrome).  Many computers already have Chrome, but you can download Google Chrome here:
Click this link to sign up for our band classes:
Enter your haverfordsd email address as your email and the correct class code (below):
6th Grade Class Code:
7th Grade Class Code:
8th Grade Class Code:
SmartMusic will then ask you to make a free account.  If you are under 13, your parents can create an account for you.  After you make an account, SmartMusic will send you an email to confirm your email address, and then you're all signed up!
You can log into Smartmusic at  Choose "New SmartMusic" and enter your email and password you chose when you registered.
From there, find whatever music you wish!  All three band books we use are in SmartMusic, as well as most of our band/jazz music, songs to improvise with, and much more!  I'll give some suggestions on SmartMusic each week for the people that want to use it, but feel free to explore on your own!
Thanks, and enjoy!  If you have questions, please feel free to ask!

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