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Jazz Fords:

The Jazz Fords are directed by Mr. DeSantis and rehearse Wednesdays from 2:45-4 PM.  Please arrive by 2:40 PM to room 143 for tuning and set-up.  First rehearsal is Wednesday, November 6th.

Clarinet:  Tony Rigas

Alto Sax 1:  Annie Westrate

Alto Sax 2:  Dylan Shindler, Sean Lawson

Tenor Sax 1:  TBA

Tenor Sax 2:  TBA

Bari Sax: TBA


Trumpet 1:  Sam Graaf

Trumpet 1:  Jackson Prange

Trumpet 2/3:  Quin Bongiovanni

Trumpet 2/3:  Maya Schmitt

Trumpet 2/3:  Sam Graaf

Trumpet 4:  Nate Wolf

Trumpet 4:  Will Kuebler


Trombones:  TBA

Piano:  Dylan Shindler

Piano:  Tyler Gill

Bass:  Natalie Polsky

Drums:  Jack Cavalieri

Drums:  Joe Hildenbrand

Drums:  Jackson Lott


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