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Jazz Ensemble:

The Jazz Ensemble is directed by Mr. Gittelman and rehearses from 7:10-7:40 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Please arrive by 7:00 AM to room 143 for tuning and set-up.  First rehearsal is Wednesday, November 6th.

Flute: Lucy Allen, Puneet Kaur

Clarinet:  Annie Westrate, Lenny Scinto

Alto Sax 1:  Brian Chau

Alto Sax 2:  Yan Swann

Tenor Sax 1/2 (Shared Chair):  Tyler Gill

Tenor Sax 1/2 (Shared Chair):  Adeline Drew 

Bari Sax:  Maxim Markiw


Trumpet 1:  Wesley Bozman

Trumpet 1:  Brian Heckler

Trumpet 2/3 (Shared Chair):  Josh Lardin

Trumpet 2/3 (Shared Chair):  Owen Rabadam 

Trumpet 4:  Evan Taddeo


Trombone 1/2 (Shared Chair):  Kevin Shindler

Baritone 1/2 (Shared Chair):  Jude Lozano


Piano:  Lucas Purpura

Piano:  Carlo Buonviri 

Piano (on some songs):  Lucy Allen

Keyboard Bass (on some songs):  Kevin Shindler

Drums/Percussion/Vibes:  Christian Fusto

Drums/Percussion/Vibes:  Gabe Elsasser

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