HHS Competition Marching Band

  • HHS Competition Marching Band
While our show may differ from these original recordings, the concepts will be similar.
2019 Competition Band Recording:
Movement 1 begins at 0:00
Movement 2 begins at 2:40
Movement 3 begins at 4:55
I firmly believe that the HHS Competition Marching Band ranks among the best experiences offered by Haverford High School and am proud to be both an alumni and the assistant director of this fine group of young people.
The Competition Marching Band is a dedicated group of musicians and color guard.  They perform intricate music and drill work on the field, and compete throughout the fall season.  The Haverford High School Competition Marching Band has a long-standing record of performance excellence. 
See here for more information about the competition band:
Band Director: Jeff Hart
Assistant Band Director: Alex Gittelman
Percussion Instructors: Tex, AJ Bianchi
Color Guard Instructors: Jessica Drass, Kimmy Kinden
Visual Designers: Matt Piatek
Marching Instructors: TBA


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