7th Grade General Music

  • 7th Grade General Music
7th Grade Classroom Music
Teacher:  Mr. Alex Gittelman
610-853-5900 x5141

 This class meets twice a week for the entire school year.

The objective of the 7th Grade Classroom Music curriculum is to build on the student's foundation in the history of music and to continue to provide experience performing on electronic keyboards and other instruments. 


Units include:

  •  The Classical Era
  • The Evolution of Jazz
  • The Development of Rock and Roll/The Beatles
  • The Musical/West Side Story

Course Objectives:


7.1 The student will recognize and identify characteristics of Jazz and blues.
7.2 The student will recognize and identify characteristics of the Classical period.
7.3 The student will develop an appreciation of opera through an understanding of the story and the music from operas.
7.4 The student will recognize and identify the characteristics of Rock history from the 1950's to the Beatles.
7.5 The student will perform songs on electronic keyboards and they will learn to recognize and read music notation. The student will recognize musical concepts including meter, tonality and harmonic functions.


Evaluation procedures for 7th Grade General Music Classes:


1. Evaluation of student response to questions.

2. Written tests

3. Performance on keyboards and other instruments

4. Keeping a daily workbook/journal




Grades will be given each quarter based upon:

1. achievement on written tests

 2. in-class performance on keyboard skills

3. Music notebook.


Grades will be A, B, C, D, F

Course Requirements and Recommendations:


•    Students should bring a pencil or other writing implement to class each day.  All other materials will stay in class and will be provided by instructor.

•    An electronic or acoustic piano is recommended but not required. Students will be encouraged to practice music outside of school.




The 7th Grade General Music website supports music learning and class notes will be posted.

1. Go the HMS website (www.haverford.k12.pa.us and select Middle School)

2. Click on eFaculty

3. Click Gittelman, Mr. Alexander

4. In the Navigation bar, choose 7th Grade General Music


Extra Help:


I am available after school to assist students who need help learning keyboard or help with the class concepts presented in class. Please email me or speak with me in class to set up a time for extra help.


How to contact me: agittelman@haverfordsd.net I check my email frequently and will do my best to get back to you ASAP!


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