Noun writing practice

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Noun Writing Practice
1. This website will help you practice writing noun forms:
  •      Below is the noun information you will need in order to complete the 3rd declension nouns:
  •    SKIP animal, animalis (n); mare, maris (n)
 ars, artis (f); gen pl = artium
 mons, montis (m); gen pl = montium
 pastor, pastoris (m)
 clamor, clamoris (m)
  mors, mortis (f); gen pl = mortium
 pater, patris (m) 
flumen, fluminis (n)
 dens, dentis (m); gen pl = dentium
 navis, navis (f); gen pl = navium
vox, vocis (f)
nomen, nominis (n)
 leo, leonis (m)
 nox, noctis (f); gen pl = noctium
  vallis, vallis (f); gen pl = vallium

2. Two websites that will help you practice writing noun forms:
3. Very catchy noun ending song - no graphics, just the song:
4. Songs to help you remember declension endings:
5. A very disturbing noun use (case explanation) and noun ending song!  Check it out.
6. More peaceful version of noun ending songs:

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