7th Grade History Syllabus

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Mr. Adam Henry                                                                      Name:

Haverford Middle School                                                        

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 Ancient History


DESCRIPTION: The Seventh Grade Social Studies curriculum is a chronological survey of

ancient history from early Greece, the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars, the rise of Rome, the Middle Ages, and concludes with the Renaissance.  The curriculum will emphasize the historical influences of the Greco-Roman period, as well as its cultural influences on Western Civilization.



·       We will work together in an environment that privileges trust, honesty, and mutual respect.

·       We will adhere to all policies and rules as established by Haverford Middle School as detailed in the Student Handbook.

·       We will come to class prepared – with books, materials, and a cooperative attitude.

·       We will be open to new opportunities and challenges as we strive to create a meaningful learning community together.

CANVAS will be used for class materials

CLASS WEBSITE: https://www.haverford.k12.pa.us/ms-teacher-page/~board/middle-school-teacher-pages-adam-henry-board?post_category_id=

• Individualized important information for students and parents for this class

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COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to:

• Recognize cause and effect                           • Understand perspective

• Read and analyze maps                                   • Analyze historical and current issues

• Cite references for student work                  • Utilize primary sources


GRADING BREAKDOWN: Class grades will be based on the 80%/20% district policy, where 80% of the grade will be based on assessments that include items like quizzes and long-term projects. The other 20% of the grade will include items like homework and short-term projects.  


• Extension and further practice activities from the daily lesson will almost always be started in class so that students can get help from classmates and the teacher.  Any work not finished in class will become homework and should be completed for the next day.  This work plays a vital and pivotal role in your success in this class. Homework/class work will be randomly collected each week and will be graded based on effort and completion.

• In general, homework is worth 10 points and will be accepted late (up to 6 points), following the HMS grading policy.

• Homework will be accepted late, but you can only earn up to 60% of its original value. All late work will ultimately have a due date, after which work not turned in will receive a zero.  This date will be announced and posted to the class. Homework is YOUR responsibility, and you must make the effort to show me your work.


• You can expect that quizzes will be announced, and they will be based on the homework assigned that week or the previous weeks. Quizzes will incorporate key terms and/or recently covered material.



• Unit tests will contain much more content than the quizzes, and they will assess your knowledge of history topics and key terms from the current unit.

• There will be projects assigned throughout each quarter.  These projects might be individually done or in groups. Some of these projects will be larger long-term projects with checkpoints along the way, or they might be smaller projects started in class and finished at home.



Participation comes in various forms – homework completion, discussion, asking questions, active listening, cooperation, and preparation.  There is also negative participation – calling out in class, coming late to class, being disruptive.  We will use a participation rubric in order to see our strengths and improve our weak areas.  The purpose of this process is to give you feedback and so that everyone will be able to earn an “A” in participation.  Remember -- EFFORT IS EVERYTHING!



• three-ring binder (2 inch)                 

• pens and pencils

• highlighter

• your assignment book

• notebook paper

• glue stick, scissors, and coloring tools (ie. colored pencils, markers, or crayons)

a positive attitude and a smile



Be on time for class.  If you are late, make sure you have a note.  After the third lateness, you will have a detention with me.  Repeated lateness will be referred to your grade level principal for disciplinary action.  It is your responsibility to complete all class work, homework, tests, and assignments missed due to absence. 


If you anticipate an absence, you should inform me as soon as possible. If you are absent from class, you must find out what you missed.  You can check the Latin website, or you can contact a classmate. You are required to turn in all work/quizzes assigned while you were present in class on the day you return to school.  If you forget, just do your best.  Make-up work should be arranged with me the day you return to school, in accordance with the policy stated in the Student Handbook.


Students and Parents:  Please sign and return this packet, showing me that you have read and understand the class policy.  Then keep it in front of your class notebook for your records.


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                    Student Signature                                                           Date


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                Parent/Guardian Signature                                                  Date


Please feel free to ask questions! I am looking forward to the upcoming year!


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