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Frequently Asked Questions: Ancient History
Each year I have found that parents and students ask the same questions, either in class, phone conversations, emails, or conferences.  Below you will be able to find the answers to these questions.  I have created this document with the hope to help both parents and students find success in class!
  • What will my student do this year? My student has never liked history, so how will this class help him/her later in life?
    • Class content begins with the study of time and culture, moving to ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, and finishing with the Renaissance.
    • It is not always easy for an 7th grader to see the larger historical picture, but ancient Greece and Rome would influence the development of future nations and cultures - especially the current United States.
    • We will make constant connections between ancient cultures and our modern world to see their relationships, despite being separated by a thousand years.
  • I read your class expectations and grading system, but ultimately what should my student be expected to do on a daily basis?
    • First and foremost, students will need to review their notes each day, as well as any new key terms learned. It would also be beneficial to review previous key terms that the student is still struggling with. This material is the backbone of the class and will show up on quizzes. 
    • Students should also have access to their class notes. They will need to read them or use them as a resource on a daily basis.
  • My student is struggling? How can I help him/her?
    • Is your student using the CANVAS to make sure that s/he is keeping up with class work? Your student should also study/review the newly learned material for 5-10 minutes each night. The constant repetition will help reinforce the new material.  Asking questions in class is an easy way to get instant help.  If one student is confused, there are always other students who also need help.  If a student is still struggling, please have him/her make arrangements with me to come in before or after school.  Usually one or two help sessions are enough to help a student review and understand the material.

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