May 4- 8 Flexible Learning Assignments

Flexible Learning week of May 4- 8

Office Hours: 10am and 1:30pm Join Code: 6lacaven

Suggested pacing guide for this week! All assignments are posted in Google Classroom. Enjoy!

Remember ELA should be a 50 minute allotment of each school day!


May 4
May 5
May 6
May 7
May 8

1. Listen to Mars Patel Episode 10

2. Answer questions for Episode 10

1. Complete Episode 7- 10 quiz on Google Forms (posted to Classroom at 8am today)


1. Begin Snapchat project-- complete slides 1-6

1. Finish Snapchat project-- complete slides 7- 10

1. Catch up day! Finish any work that still needs to be "turned in" for this week.  


All work is due by Sunday, May 10 at 6pm.


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