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Atlas of United States History


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Vocabulary study technique - Quizlet

Geography- Map Games

Map Quiz Game

Political Map (by region)

Physical Map Game

States review

Political Map Matching game

Political Map Quiz 

Boston Tea Party 

Revolution Simulation 

Town Meeting Patriots:

List of Abuses and Usurpations

Annotated grievances


Town Meeting  Loyalists:


Interpreting History

Impact of the Declaration of Independence

Women - 

African Americans - 

Native Americans - 

Another link for Women, African-Americans, and Native Americans (scroll through to find yours)

Thanksgiving Lesson

Constitutional Convention

Founding Fathers
National Archives
Mark's Quotes

Which Founding Father do you most resemble? 

Current Event Project

Library databases:

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ABC News

CBS News

NBC News
CNN News

FOX News


Bill or Rights Debate

Gun Control 

Surveillance technology and privacy (GPS, domestic drones, police body cameras, etc.)

US Government
House of Representatives
Executive Branch

Supreme Court

First Presidents

Burr/Hamilton Duel


Lewis & Clark Expedition

Jefferson's Instructions to Lewis

National Geographic - Map

Lewis & Clark Timeline

Sacagawea - US Mint

Journals of Lewis & Clark 

War of 1812

Star-Spangled Banner

Industrial Revolution 


Flight to Freedom - A Slavery Simulation

Westward Expansion Trails Map 

Civil War

Grant & Lee 

George B. McClellan 

T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson 

General Resource

Civil War Timeline 

General American History
Historical Speeches
National Archives
Library of Congress


First Presidents 

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