• Philosophy

My Educational Philosophy

A very important ingredient in the success of a child is a quality education. It is in this understanding that the importance of an outstanding educator is realized. I understand my role in this endeavor and in doing so make a commitment to providing an optimum learning experience.

I address the educational needs of all students so that each student not only feels special but also thrives in a well-balanced learning environment. I am able to go beyond the daily lessons to meet the individual needs of each child. Acknowledging, accepting, and celebrating diversity, I understand the importance in the ability to teach all children.

 Also, I realize that in order to teach, there must be a willingness to learn. I can rejoice in successes and even more importantly learn from mistakes. Providing an environment in which all ideas are welcome, I can truly grow for and with my students. Whether it be through the implementation of technology, current events, or the suggestions of a child, I am always moving forward with my students and in doing so I never stop learning.

Above all, and crucial in the implementation of all these characteristics, is a love of of the work that I do. I truly care about the welfare of each child and make the effort to be involved in each one's life. I possess an infectious sense of humor that permeates throughout the classroom. I pride myself in making the educational experience fun and memorable and in doing so make an impact that will last a lifetime.

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