Articles, Videos and Resources for Parents About COVID-19

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Articles for Parents/Families Returning Back to School Virtually:

Back-to-School Talking Points for Elementary School Parents/Guardians

Managing Emotions During COVID-19

Articles for Parents/Families WITH COVID-19:

Activity For Children Who Have A Loved One With A Serious Illness 

Caregiving Guide To Care For Your Children If You Are Sick With COVID-19

If You Are Sick With COVID-19

Caring For Someone With COVID-19

Disinfecting Your Home/Apartment

Online Grief Resources

Uplift - Center for Grieving Children 

Articles For Parents/Guardians ABOUT COVID-19:

Children's Hospital - Presentation for Parents                                                  How To Address COVID-19 With Your Children

Coping In Hard Times - NCTSN

COVID-19 Parenting Tips

Talking To Kids About The Coronavirus

Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Parent Resource NASP

Speaking Up Against Racism Around The New Coronavirus 

Answers To Your Child's Questions About COVID-19

Talking To Children About The Coronavirus

Talking To Kids/Teens About The Coronavirus

Coping With The Stress/Anxiety Of The Coronavirus

Coronavirus Videos & Stories for Children:

New Children's Story - Helping Children To Understand Our Life Changes Due to COVID-19

Hand Washing Video

Brain-Pop Coronavirus Video For Kids

Healthy Heroes

Just For Kids Comic About COVID-19

Coronavirus-19 Social Story

A Story to Help Children Understand CoronavirusPDF download (Source: Music City Counselor)

Coronavirus Talksheet (Source: Counselor Keri)

Julia Cook reads The Yucky Bug (K-2 grade)

Yucky Bug PowerPoint




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