Here I have listed what students should be working on each week.  If you have any questions please email me! I will be adding more resources as I find them, please check back each week!


Each week students should...

1. Practice multiplication and division fact fluency.  You can download the multiplication and division flashcards on my website or, you can create your own at home.  Have fun with this!  Time yourself, make it a game, practice with people at home!

Click here for Multiplication Flashcards!

Click here for Division Flashcards!


2. Sign onto Reflex math for at least 15 minutes each day (if you can).  This is great fact fluency practice as well.  Students can complete this activity on their own!

Click here for Reflex Math!


3. Extra Practice if you choose: If you have time, work on the chapter review packet.  This is all information we have already learned.  Completing a page or two at a time is a great refresher for our brains! Again, the packet is NOT expected to be finished when we come back, but complete what you can, if you can! 

Click here for Extra Practice Packet!


Here are some extra resources to use while you are off...

Math Game Time - Practice through math games, you can even pick specific subjects!

Cool Math For Kids - Fact practice!

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